The areas of application for our products go far beyond furniture and cars. Leather, artificial leather and Alcantara are used in the interiors of ships, aircraft and all types of road and rail vehicles. For the “traditional” saddlery trade, we stock blank leather, flag leather, gymnastics equipment leather and saddle seat leather, which are often exposed to extreme stresses by man and nature.



Rail transport

Close to the wind

Operations on water and in the air place the highest demands on leather and microfibre. In our online shop you will find a large selection of Alcantara Master and Alcantara Avant as well as various special leathers, which we can provide with flame protection (Tec I) and outdoor finish (Tec II) on request. Thus nothing stands in the way of your next big trip.

On horseback

The origins of the saddlery trade date back to the Middle Ages. Since then, saddlers around the world have made countless adventures on horseback and on the steel horse possible. With us, you’ll find blank leather, bunting leather, carriage roof leather and saddlery leather that meets the highest standards. Get ready for the next adventure.

Adventures come in many colours

If the colour of your choice is not included in our collection programme, take a look at our online shop. If you don’t find what you are looking for there either, we are happy to manufacture your item exclusively for you in the desired colour

Our catalogues

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